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Selopia is a platform that is working with multi-scaled online entrepreneurs in order to harness their skills and help them explore the depths of online markets. Anyone who is running or looking to start an online business of their own is our concern. We strongly believe, with the right composition of technical and theoretical assistance in running an online business, anyone can create a milestone for themselves.

We go about with the Vision to create an empowered nation that is self-sustaining with entrepreneurs who are aligned with the current trends of the Digital Era.

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Merchant’s Terms and Conditions


Welcome to Selopia.com also hereby known as “we”, “us”, “our platform” or “Selopia”. Selopia is a completely doable platform for grass people of Bangladesh who own a micro to macro level business. The services offered by Selopia under the Terms and Conditions include various products and services to help you sell goods and services to customers, whether online (“Online Services”) by enabling you to create and build your own online store, or in person (“POS Services”) or both.

By using the Site, you acknowledge that you have read and understood these terms and conditions (including the linked information) and that you agree to abide by them.

The Site retains the right to alter, modify, add, or omit sections of these Terms and Conditions at any time without prior notice. Modifications may appear on the site without any prior notifications. Please revisit these Terms and Conditions on a regular basis for changes. Your continued use of the Site acknowledging the publication of revisions to the Terms and Conditions of Use implies your consent to such changes.

In these Terms and Conditions Agreement, any such services provided by Selopia are referred to as the “Services.” The Terms and Conditions will be amended if additional features or tools are introduced to the existing Services. Selopia retains the right to amend and change the Terms and Conditions at any time by posting updates and modifications on the Selopia official website. You should review the Terms and Conditions frequently for any updates or changes that may affect you or your business, and if you do not agree to such changes, you must discontinue using the Services.

All of the terms and conditions stated or explicitly mentioned in these Terms and Conditions, including Selopia’s
Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, must be read, agreed to, and acknowledged by you.


Account & Information

To use all of Selopia services, you must first sign up at the company’s official website. The application process includes queries such as your legal name, age, NID, and email address, bank account information, all of which must be answered truthfully. When registering for an Account, you will submit true, correct, recent, and complete information, and you will update the information as needed to keep your Account and payment information up to date. By accessing your account online, you are required to update details about your account in real-time. Please contact us right away if you are unable to edit any part of your account information. If any information is found to be illegal or invalid during the registration verification procedure, Selopia reserves the right to cancel your registration. At our sole discretion, Selopia may also cancel an existing Account for any breach of compliance. You shall not provide any false information when utilizing any of Selopia’s services, impersonate someone else, or otherwise mislead us or third parties about the origin of any Submissions. We reserve the right, but not the obligation, to remove or amend any Submissions without prior warning or legal action.

Selopia offers a variety of packages for all ranges of online business owners. You must decide which package fulfills the objectives and needs of your e-commerce website. Depending on the growth of your company, you may be able to switch to another package afterward.

The security of your account data is solely your responsibility. Selopia cannot and will not be held accountable for any loss or harm resulting from your failure to keep your Account and password secure. 

Only you or any other person assigned by you can maintain your Selopia Online Store. You will be responsible for all activities, contents, and materials within your account or in affiliation with your Account, that includes images, audio, videos, written content, or any sort of data that is uploaded, collected, downloaded, displayed, transmitted on or in connection with your account.  

Selopia will keep your account information and other personal data related to the Site as private as possible. However, we cannot guarantee complete privacy and confidentiality of your information or data in situations where we do not have control, such as Cyber Crime or a Court Order.

You must provide us the details of your bank account to which the revenues earned by you from doing business on our platform will be remitted.



You can only use the Selopia website and other related services if you are of legal age and can establish legally binding transactions under applicable laws. Individuals under the age of 18 are expressly prohibited from using the Services or the Website.

You are not eligible to register on our website if you have any prior criminal convictions related to your or others’ businesses. Selopia holds the right to terminate your registration or your existing account without explanation if you are found to be an unethical or irresponsible individual with a criminal record in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.


Payment Information

Once the registration through Selopia is complete, you will be required to pay an initial setup cost or one-time cost depending on the type of package you purchase from Selopia. You acknowledge that it is your sole responsibility to keep your account as well as your online store active by paying the monthly recurring cost (depending on the package of your account or the package that you choose) within the due time. Selopia shall take the required actions and may permanently remove your account and online store if you fail to pay the monthly recurring payment on a monthly basis. Our one-time setup fee and monthly recurring fee may change with time. If there are any changes, we will update our agreement and Selopia Packages. Visit Selopia Packages for further information about our packages.

You agree that Selopia will deduct a percentage of the total amount and price of each good purchased from your Selopia online store. As we rely on third parties for various transactions, the percentages may vary or change. If our price deduction policy changes, we will amend our agreement accordingly. Visit Selopia Packages for more information.

Selopia will maintain transaction and order accounts on your behalf after you complete your registration for your Selopia online store. You will be able to check real-time updates on your transaction and order details from the admin panel that we will give you access to after completing the subscription procedure. Customers will make cash on delivery payments when they shop at your online store using the Selopia platform. You will be able to cash out from your account (where we will deposit the net amount of your sales revenue after adjusting with relevant costs) twice a week. You acknowledge that this Payment method will be your default payment method, and maintaining separate records of these accounts for cross-checking purposes is solely your responsibility as the Store Owner. It is your obligation to delete either of the payment accounts if you do not wish to keep them active.



Before proceeding, please read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, which also govern your visit to the Site. In accordance with the Privacy Agreement and applicable laws and regulations, any personal information or data provided by you or obtained via your use of the Site will be kept completely confidential. If you do not agree to the Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy Agreement, please do not use the Site.


Your Selopia Online Store

You must be an engaged merchant to keep your online business account active. Inactive merchants are not permitted to utilize our site for a longer time. In the long run, we will terminate inactive Selopia online stores and also deactivate inactive merchants’ Selopia accounts.

As a merchant, you are responsible to drive your sales quantity. Selopia does not promise any fixed quantity of sales for its merchants and nor is it responsible for sales quantity not meeting merchants’ expectations.

You must ensure that your products and services, as well as their descriptions, are genuine. Selopia will take severe action against you and terminate your online store and Selopia account if you use irrelevant, unrealistic, unauthentic product images, content, description, or prices for fraudulent purposes.

Selopia strongly advises you to avoid making typographical or spelling errors in the product or service descriptions and prices you include in your online store.

As a Selopia online merchant, you will have separate
terms and conditions agreements with your customers (Merchant<> Customer) that will be defined only by us. You are bound to maintain those terms and conditions with your customers. Any modifications to that agreement must be made by Selopia alone, not by the merchant. Any merchant who desires to make a major or minor adjustment to the existing terms and conditions agreement (Merchant<> Customer), must first consult with us. If we determine that the adjustments are appropriate for our platform, we will implement them and make the required changes to their terms and conditions agreement (Merchant<> Customer).


Your Conduct

You must not use the website in any way that causes the Site or access to it to be disrupted or destroyed in any way. You may not engage in any activity that causes harm to its workers, representatives, stakeholders, or any other party directly or indirectly associated with the Site, or access to it in any way. You understand that you, not we, are responsible for all electronic communications and content moved from your computer to us and that you must only use the Site for legitimate purposes.

Once a product has been sold, you are not allowed to change any current content, image, product description, or pricing for fraudulent purposes. If we discover a merchant deceiving a customer, we will take action against them and may terminate their Selopia online store as well as their Selopia account.

You agree that we will pay your due amount on twice a weekly basis to the same bank account you provided us at the beginning. Meaning, that after deducting the company and third-party rates, the revenues you have made using our platform will be transferred directly to your bank account every week. All transactions between Selopia and merchants will be done digitally to prevent conflicts between Selopia and the merchants about money transactions. However, in instances where we do not have control, it may take longer than a week to transfer the money.

If a mistake or mismatch happens with any transaction from Selopia to your bank account, and if we discover your allegations to be accurate, our Selopia specialists will assist you in overcoming such issues.

You acknowledge that you are receiving all or any Selopia Services for the purpose of conducting a business and not for personal, domestic, or family usage.
You must abide by all the terms and conditions regarding registration, account management, payment, and Privacy Policy.

You must not use the website in any way that promotes illegal or irrelevant content, products, services, images, or videos. In such instances, Selopia reserves the right to terminate your account without any notice.

You are strictly forbidden to replicate, imitate, or use the contents, photos, videos, or any other personal or professional data from another merchant’s site that may or may not be harmful to their business.

Use of the Site for fraudulent purposes, or in conjunction with a criminal violation or other illicit behavior, is strictly forbidden. You shall not be a part of any illegal activity. You may not use Selopia Services for any unlawful or unauthorized purpose, nor may you violate any law according to the laws of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in your use of the Service. You will utilize the Service and fulfill your duties in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and regulations of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh. If we discover that you have engaged in any fraudulent, illegal, or unlawful activity in connection with the use of any Selopia Services, Selopia will terminate your account immediately and take the appropriate steps and legal actions to mitigate the damage.


Third-Party Service Providers

Selopia offers Third Party services and its affiliated businesses to provide you with services that are necessary for the smooth operation of your online store. Such as Delivery Services & etc. However, Selopia will not be directly liable for the quality of service or interaction among the merchants and our enlisted third-party service providers.

Furthermore, our software provides content, software, or website links to other companies affiliated with Selopia. We are not responsible for researching or assessing any of these businesses or individuals, or the content of their websites, and we do not warrant or promote their offerings.

Selopia takes no responsibility or liability for any of these third-party activities, contents, goods, or services. When a third party is engaged in your transactions, you can determine by carefully checking them, and we may share customer information relating to those transactions with the third party. You should read their privacy policies and relevant terms and conditions carefully. You agree to be bound by the additional service-specific terms that apply to services you purchase from or that are supplied by Third Party Providers in addition to Selopia’s Terms and Conditions.

If you facilitate a Third Party Service (among Selopia’s enlisted ones) for use with the Services, you give us permission to give the applicable Third Party Service Provider access to your information and other data, as well as to take any other actions necessary for the Third Party Service’s inter-operation with your required Services. Any information, other Materials, or interaction of any sort you have with a Third Party Service Provider is completely between you and the Third Party Service Provider. Selopia will not be liable for any release, alteration, or removal of your data or other information, or any resulting damages or consequences, as a result of accessibility to your data or other Materials by a Third Party Service Provider.


Selopia Helpline

Selopia offers a team of experts named “Selopia Specialists” who bear the sole responsibility to assist you in setting up and running your Selopia store. Selopia experts are available 24/7 to assist you with difficulties relating to your Selopia store or Third Party affiliation or integration. However, due to high call volume or network connectivity issues, the Selopia Specialist service may not be available at times. However, Selopia promises to make every effort to be available at all times in order to provide you with the finest service possible.



Selopia shall not be liable for any commercial or private losses incurred as a result of your usage of any of our Services. The losses may include lost profits, savings, revenue, data, lost investments, goodwill, contracts of any sort, or any other indirect or consequential loss that was not reasonably predictable to both you and Selopia as a result of using or not being able to utilize the Service.

You agree to indemnify Selopia and (as applicable) our affiliates and their representatives, Selopia partners, delivery persons, directors, and employees harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys’ fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of your breach of these Terms and Conditions or the documents it incorporates by reference or your infringement of any third party’s intellectual property rights.

We will not be held liable if a customer is discovered to be a fraudster. Our primary duty is to collect products from you and deliver them to your customers. Selopia never validates a customer’s address or other information.

Selopia makes no promise that the quality of any goods, services, or other materials you purchase or acquire through our Services will meet your desired expectations, or that any mistake or error related to the Services or delivery process will be repaired. In terms of unavoidable cases, you may contact the Selopia Specialists. In case of products that have been damaged under the possession of the courier service provider, compensations will be made according to the policy held by the courier service provider.

Selopia does not guarantee that all Selopia Services including the Selopia helpline will be available at all times, or that they will be secure or error-free.

Selopia is not liable for any tax duties or liabilities relevant or irrelevant to the Services provided by Selopia.

Selopia shall not be held liable for any delay or failure to perform our obligations or any delay or failure to deliver any goods or services under these terms if the delay or failure is caused by an event beyond our control or lawful authority.


Agreement Between Customer and Merchant

You are advised to read the terms and conditions on the merchant’s website carefully before purchasing any products and services. These terms and conditions imply that you agree to be bound by them.

Selopia will not be liable for any damages or losses incurred as a result of any type of communication between buyer and merchant.

If a customer has paid an amount by error, intentionally or accidentally, using a payment method or payment gateway other than Selopia’s authorized payment gateways, that money will not be counted as paid by us and Selopia will not be held liable for such loss.  

You are requested to visit our
Merchant’s Minimal Fair Regulation Policy to gather more information on our buyer and merchant agreement.


Return and Cancellation Policy

If a customer paid an amount for a product or service in advance, and if you fail to deliver the product or service to the customer, you must inform the customer about such situations via email, phone, SMS, or any other way of communication within 48 hours and refund the full amount the customer paid within 72 hours of order acceptance. If you fail to maintain this money return policy you will be charged for that and your online business store will be taken down in the worst case.

If the delivered product and service are not according to the customer’s expectation and the product image and description mentioned in your Selopia online store, you must allow the customer to return the product immediately. For such instances, the customer must check the product in front of the delivery man and then return the product if any defect is detected.



You agree to pay all fees, prices, and charges associated with the selling or purchase of any goods and services from the Site, as well as any and all relevant taxes under applicable legislation.


Third-Party Delivery Services

Selopia relies on specific third-party delivery services. To dispatch and or deliver all goods purchased from Selopia online stores to the customers, merchants must employ only Selopia’s specified delivery service. The use of a third-party delivery service other than that of Selopia is not an option for any merchant. If certain delivery needs to be done by a DIFFERENT third-party delivery service, Selopia will solely arrange such a delivery. We use only third-party delivery services that are registered as Selopia associates.

You must supply products available in stock to delivery personnel within 24 hours after a product order has been confirmed by a customer. Delivery personnel can collect the product from you in two ways. Either the delivery personnel can collect the product from your enlisted address or you can supply the products to the hubs of our specified courier service provider. Either way, you must supply products within 24 hours after the product order has been confirmed. If there is a delay on your or Selopia’s end due to circumstances beyond our control, we may take it into account. Other than that, any delay in the delivery process will not be accepted by us and we will take appropriate actions in such cases.

You must not hand over any product that is damaged, broken, fake, or different from the product image or description you posted on your online store to the delivery personnel. If we get any allegations from customers regarding the product the customers received and if the allegations are found to be true we will take action against you and may terminate your account and as well as your online store permanently.

You must not dispatch any product to delivery personnel or hub in such a way, shape, or form that may cause damage, harm, or leakage to the products. Selopia shall not be held responsible for any kind of damage to the products while delivering them to the customers. You acknowledge that our enlisted courier service providers are merely a means of delivering products. Ensuring secured packaging of the product does not fall under our responsibility.

You acknowledge that our product delivery service is divided into the following three categories. Those three categories are,


Inside Dhaka City: 0-1 kg 45 TK, 1-2 kg 70 TK, 2-5 kg 130 TK

Sub Urban City: 0-1 kg 60 TK, 1-2 KG 80 TK, 2-5KG 120 TK

Outside Dhaka City: 0-1 kg 110 TK, 1-2 kg 140 TK, 2-5 kg 200 TK

***Please note that Selopia will not deduct the 1% COD charge for any product delivered within Dhaka City; however a 1% COD charge will be taken for product deliveries in the Intercity and Suburb Areas. The mentioned delivery charges will only be applicable for sixty days from the onboarding date.

In case of any changes in the delivery charges, we will inform you with seven days’ prior notice.

Our enlisted courier service provider will deliver your customers their product in a maximum of 24 hours inside Dhaka city and outside the city it will take a maximum of 72 hours after receiving the product from you. This might change for situations that are not in our hands.

We provide insurance coverage facility on a conditional basis as per Courier Service Provider’s Policy. Please check the Courier Service Provider Policy for more details.

We will not be held liable if a customer is discovered to be a fraudster. Our primary duty is to collect products from you and deliver them to your customers. Selopia never validates a customer’s address or other information. You are bound to pay the delivery charge for cases where a customer was found to be a fraud.

The delivery personnel will always collect products from the same location you provide us at the beginning. You are advised to have only one permanent location. You cannot deliver your products from multiple locations. Selopia may verify your address before proceeding. If at any point, you want to modify your permanent address from where your products will be received by the delivery man, you must first contact us through our Selopia specialists. We reserve the right to verify your identification, account details, and current, and new addresses before we proceed further. If it is against our policies and will, we may also decline your request to change your address.


Account Termination

You may terminate your Account and withdraw from the Terms and Conditions at any time by giving us 30 days prior notice period and by contacting our Selopia Specialists and following the specific instructions provided by them.

Selopia will charge transaction fees of eight percent on the transaction value will be charged for each order.

Selopia will verify your account after receiving your account termination notice, and if we discover you have any pending issues with any of our customers, Selopia partners or affiliates, or third-party businesses, we will take steps to resolve those issues. If you have any pending financial amount owed to any of our customers, Selopia partners or affiliates, or third-party businesses for your use of the Services, you must pay the dues within the deadline. If you fail to do so, Selopia may take action in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Upon termination of Account and Services by you or Selopia for any reason, your Selopia Online Store will be taken offline. Selopia will no longer provide you with Services, and you will be unable to access your Account.

Any pending financial amount owed to Selopia for your use of the Services as of the termination date shall become immediately due and payable in full and you must pay the dues within the deadline. If you fail to do so, Selopia may take action in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh.

Upon cancellation of your account, your domain name will no longer be auto-renewable.


Amendments To The Service

To open an account on our Site, you must first pay a one-time setup fee to Selopia, followed by monthly and annual subscription fees. The prices, however, are subject to change within 15 days prior to the notice period. We will notify you at any time by making modifications to our Site or through an announcement.

Selopia retains the right, with or without notice, to alter or discontinue the Services (or any portion thereof) at any time (unless otherwise required by applicable law).

For any alteration, pricing change, or cancellation of the Service, Selopia will not be liable to you, any of our partners or any third party.


Property Rights

The Materials you contribute to the Site are not subject to any intellectual property rights claim by us. You retain ownership of all materials you post to your Selopia Online Store.

You maintain ownership of all Materials you contribute to the Store; but, by making your Store public, you allow others to see the Materials you upload publicly to your Store. You are responsible for ensuring that the Materials are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations. You agree that Selopia may retain, display, and utilize your Materials in the event of Materials you post publicly; and that Selopia may review and delete all Materials submitted to the Service at any time, however, Selopia is not bound to do so.

Selopia will have a non-exclusive right and license to promote the Service using names, logos, and trademarks attached to your Store.